Planning a trip? Well you will undoubtedly want to check up on directions to where you plan to go and what the weather is going to be like. Below is a selection of useful links:



MWIS currently produce forecasts for 8 different mountain areas of the UK as an aid to mountain safety, simply the best source of weather info for the mountains. It also contains links to Avalanche forecasts.

The Met Office

Always useful knowing what the weather is going to do and the Met Office is the primary source of weather data in the UK.

The BBC weather

A good simple view of the weather for the next five days at any location in the UK is available through this site together with a lot of links to other weather related resources.

The UK Weather Channel

This site provides up to a ten day forecast for any location in the UK as well as detailed hour by hour forecasts.


The free part of this site provides detailed weather information with 3 hour resolution and including cloud cover. It provides forecasts specifically for certain sports.

Ordnance   Survey getamap

The definitive outdoor maps of the UK, now available online.

Google Maps (UK)

A good set of road maps and location related searching, with street view.